(Meth seized at checkpoint)….It was at the Highway 86 checkpoint.

The seizure occurred earlier this week at just after 3:00 in the morning. A 31-year-old man drove up to the checkpoint driving a Mercury Sable. Before the vehicle reached the primary inspection area, a Border Patrol canine detection team  alerted to the drivers side of the Mercury. The driver and the vehicle were sent to the secondary inspection area. During the inspection, agents discovered 27 packages stuffed inside the vehicle’s rocker panels and under the back seat. The packages tested positive for methamphetamine. The narcotics weighed over 40 pounds, with an estimated street value of $134,970. The driver, a US citizen, the vehicle and the meth were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration for further investigation. So far this fiscal year, El Centro Sector agents have seized more than 418 pounds of methamphetamine.