(Weekend seizures at the Calexico Port)..The two seizures were made at the Downtown Calexico Port.

Customs and Border Protection Officers found 106 packages of methamphetamine being smuggled across the Border. The first incident occurred Saturday at around 1:30 in the morning. A 48-year-old Female Mexican Citizen, resident of El Centro, was driving a Toyota Tundra, when she drove into the port. During the initial inspection officers found anomalies in the spare tire and referred the vehicle to the secondary inspection area. During the more detailed inspection, officers used the port’s imaging system and a canine team to search the vehicle. As a result, officers found 48 packages of methamphetamine in the spare tire. The packages weighed 48 pounds with a street value of $67,200. The driver was arrested for the alleged narcotic smuggling attempt. The second seizure occurred Sunday at 8:50 pm. A 27-year-old female U.S. citizen drove a Chevy Impala up to the inspection area. The driver and vehicle were sent to the secondary inspection area. A detector dog alerted to the rear seat of the vehicle. CBP officers searched the vehicle and found 60 wrapped packages of methamphetamine in the fuel tank. The meth weighed 55 pounds with a street value of $77,000. The driver, a Bakersfield resident, was arrested. The drivers in both incidents were turned over to Homeland Security Investigation agents, and were then transported to County Jail.