(A new solution)…It was revealed late last week.

Riverside County revealed at a partial solution to the Salton Sea. The Salton Sea is facing high salinity levels, fish die-offs, reduced bird migrations, and a bathtub ring of smelly playa, resulting in reduced water levels exposing toxic playa with threatening dangerous wind storms. The plan revealed by Riverside County has a price tag of around $400 million. The proposal is not for the entire Salton Sea, but just for the north-end. The plan was developed by former assemblyman Manuel Perez, a current County Supervisor for Riverside. His plan is to create an in-lake barrier, or dam, on the north end of the Sea, that would be filled by enhanced flows from the White Water River to create what Perez described as a 4,200 acre healthy lake within a much larger not so healthy one. The plan needs full board approval from the Riverside Supervisors. It would be funded with taxes generated by a bond measure that may be presented to voters within a year.