(Moratorium extended)…But only until the next Board meeting.

The Ad Hoc Committee looking into the County Public Benefit Program asked for another extension on the Moratorium of the Program. The wanted an open ended extension to allow time for the committee to meet and discuss recommendations for the program that will be presented to the entire Board of Supervisor. Agriculture representatives said the Moratorium should be for the community benefits program and not the Ag Benefits Program. They said the Ag program did not have any problems in the first place. They said all complaints were leveled at the Community Benefits Program. It was finally agreed the moratorium would be extended until January 23rd, the next scheduled Board of Supervisors meeting. The Advisory Committee for the Public Benefit Program was to meet Wednesday evening and decide on recommendations to adjust the program. Those recommendations would be presented to the Ad Hoc Committee within the next few days. Those recommendations would be presented to the full Board on the 23rd.