(IID approves agreements)….The agreements will get their eGreen Program off the ground

. At their meeting Tuesday the Imperial Irrigation District Board approved the Power Purchase Agreement and the Low-income Solar Contribution Agreement with Citizens Energy Corporation. The IID has been in negotiations since November when they approved the term sheet with Citizens. Joe Kennedy was on hand to meet the public and sign the agreement. Kennedy is head of Citizens Energy. The eGreen Program is intended to serve IID’s low income residential energy assistance program participant. The power purchase agreement is for a 23 year term with a beginning cost of $29,75 per megawatt hour. Market conditions that may fluctuate the price. Under the agreement, The IID and Citizens will construct a solar field. IID will own two thirds of the field. Citizens will own one third. One third of the power produced will be returned by the Kennedy Corporation to the IID for use under the eGreen Program for low income customers.