(Two entities reorganize)…The first was the Imperial Irrigation District  Board of Directors.

Meeting Tuesday afternoon, the Board named Director James Hanks as the new Board President. Director Erik Ortega was named Vice President of the Board. The IID Board resumed their normal rotation. Last year Director Norma Sierra Galindo assumed the position of Vice President of the Board after Hanks said family issues prevented his from accepting the position. The Board also named Gloria Rivera as Secretary of the Board and Maria Caldera as Treasurer. Rivera and Caldera were reappointed to the positions. The Brawley City Council also reorganized Tuesday. George Nava was named Mayor and Donny Wharton was named Mayor Pro Tem. Also at the meeting newly elected councilman Luke Hamby and re-elected City Councilman Sam Couchman took the oath of office. Both were elected in November.