The Imperial County Board of Supervisors meeting resulted in several actins.

Director of Planning and Development Services, Jim Minnick, updated developments at Slab City and Salvation Mountain. There has been discussions about the possible sale of the 640-acre area near Niland. The county aims to have the State Lands Commission develop infrastructure to avoid regulatory and financial burdens instead of selling the land.

The Board ratified agreements with Rove Engineering for over $3 million for cleanup and repair of Imperial County Roads affected by Tropical Storm Hillary and a following storm in 2023. The County is looking to secure FEMA reimbursements for the damage caused by the storms since there was a federal disaster declaration. There will also be a drainage study in Niland to mitigate future flooding. 

The Board also will donate 36 travel-trailers to 16 organizations in the county pending the processing of DMV documents and title transfers as part of the Travel Trailer Donation Agreements.