(A unique piece of property is on the market)…The Desert View Tower has been on the market for the past 40 days.

The asking price is $1.25 million, and includes 90 acres of land, as well as the viewing Tower just off Interstate 8, at In-Koh-Pah. Built in the 1920’s, by Jacumba Developer and former San Diego Mayor Bert Vaughn. Stone carvings around the area were reportedly made by Native Americans. The Tower serves as a rest area for motorists, and a great viewing area of the dessert. It could take awhile to sell, since the Tower is a registered California historical landmark, as is the store on the site that served ox-pulled wagons in the 1860’s. Even minor development could get very difficult. There are also three houses on the property. Recently the property has become a popular Yoga retreat.