(Contreras Trial is in the hands of a Jury)....Andrea Contreras was tried on charges of attempted murder, shooting at an inhabited dwelling or occupied vehicle and mayhem.

Contreras was accused of firing a shot into a vehicle on August 14 of this year. The incident occured on Interstate 8, near Winterhaven. The shot struck Jorge Corona. He was taken to the hospital in Yuma. He survived the wound. During the trial it was revealed at Corona and Contreras were in a relationship. Corona reportedly had decided to leave Contreras. Following an argument in Winterhaven, corona fled in his vehicle. Contreras chased after him. The defense argued that Contreras fired the shot in self  defense, saying Corona fired at her first. The prosecution says that is not what happened. They argued Contreras was trying to injure Corona. deliberately. The trial went to the jury on Wednesday.