(Enough signatures were confirmed to qualify for a recall election in Calexico)...The signatures were gathered by a coalition who wants to recall Mayor Raul Urena and City Council member Gilberto Mananarez.

Three City Council members met with County elections to decide how the city wanted to handle the recall vote. The options were to add the issue to the consolidated election in March, or call for a special election. They were told a special election would cost the city about $125,000. Adding the issue to the consolidated election would be considerably cheaper. Councilwoman Gloria Romo argued the citizens of Calexico deserved a special election. The Elections Department said the deadline to decide which way they wanted to go was 5 pm December 8th. They scheduled a special meeting for the morning of December 8th, but they learned Thursday they would not have a quorum for that special meeting and it was canceled. That means the city has no less than 88 days and no more than 125 days to hold a special election.