(Undocumented migrant rescued)...El Centro Sector Border Patrol was notified at 4:40 Monday morning.

The Foreign Operation Branch notified the station an undocumented individual was in distress and in need of assistance. Agents in the field were given the last known GPS on the individual. That led them to the JHacumba Wilkderness region near Ocotillo. At 8:50 that morning the lost individual was located two and a half miles north of the US/Mexico Border. The individual was checked and it was determined additional medical attention was needed. He had a foot injury and could not walk. A BORSTAR Unit arrived on scene and placed a splint on the injured ankle. Air and Marine Operations were able to fly the injured person out of the area and transport him to a nearby Hospital. Agents verified the 35 year old Mexican National was in the US illegally. Border Patrol agents will process the man once he is discharged from the Hospital