(IID wants the Water Board to take action)…. The Imperial Irrigation District representatives recently attended a State Water Board meeting.

It was held in Sacramento. It was a workshop seeking input of the Salton Sea Management Program and a Draft Stipulation Order. The State Water Resource Control Board is expected to consider a resolution to adopt the Draft Stipulation Order at a later date. During the Workshop, representatives from the Imperial Irrigation District, The County and the San Diego County Water Authority urged the State Water Board to adopt the Draft Stipulated Order. IID General Manager Kevin Kelley said they had worked closely with the Brown Administration and key stakeholders to develop the Draft Order and they believe it represents the most significant advance to date at the Salton Sea. The Draft Order includes key issues. It states the 15-year mitigation water requirement will conclude at the end of 2017. It finds that the restoration of the Salton Sea is feasible, that the State will lead and coordinate management efforts at the Salton Sea. It requires California, through the California Natural Resources Agency, to act so that there will be almost 30,000 acres of exposed playa covered by habitat and dust suppression projects by January 2029. And, the California Natural Resources Agency will identify a long-term plan for the Salton Sea and will develop subsequent 10-year plans to guide projects after the initial 10-year plan is completed.