An American citizen pleaded guilty in federal court to charges related to a Calexico drug tunnel construction.

Habib Sayb Mujica , 35 , entered the plea in San Diego on Monday , August 28, 2017. Mujica admitted that he participated in a conspiracy to construct , finance and use an unfinished drug tunnel that was discovered in Calexico in 2011. The tunnel was discovered by Homeland Security investigators at a warehouse at 361 West 2nd Street in Calexico. Mujica admitted that he instructed Ricardo Rosales-Rafael to rent the warehouse using drug proceeds. He also admitted that approximately $340,000 in cash was deposited into bank accounts to facilitate the rental of the property and to rent equipment to construct the tunnel's exit point  for the purpose of smuggling controlled substances. Mujica also admitted that he intended to operate a business known as Baja Bikes as a front to conceal the tunnel activities. He was charged with Money Laundering Conspiracy and Conspiracy to Construct , Finance , and Use Tunnel. Both charges carry a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment.

Mujica , who recently completed a sentence of almost six years in a Mexican prison following his conviction of gun trafficking charges there , was expelled from Mexico to the United States in May of this year. He was arrested by U.S. authorities after his expulsion. Mujica is scheduled to be sentenced on November 27, 2017 before Judge Thomas Whelen.