(Two Arrested Thursday)....It was during a vehicle stop.

A Border Patrol Detection Team conducted the stop on a 2018 Nissan on Highway 86, about a mile south of Airport Boulevard. During the inspection of the vehicle, the K-9 detected possible narcotics in the front of the vehicle. Agents searched a backpack and discovered a bundle wrapped in black electrical tape, an unregistered 7.62 mm handgun that was loaded and 3 boxes of unused ammo.. The bundle weighed 1.1 pounds and tested positive for methamphetamine, with an estimated value of $1,800. A records check revealed the driver of the vehicle had prior convictions for smuggling marijuana. The passenger had a previous conviction for alien smuggling. The 43 year old male driver and 41 year old female passenger, firearm and contraband were turned over to the Brawley Police