(Freak accident)…Woman suffers fatal injuries.

A man is injured. Calexico Police Chief Reggie Gomez says it occurred at 9:47 Wednesday morning. Calexico Police a Fire responded. The Chief says a pickup was pulling a trailer southbound on Cesar Chavez Boulevard. As it approached West 5th Street, the trailer unhitched from the pickup. Gomez says the pickup made a westbound turn onto 5th Street, but the trailer continued southbound on Cesar Chavez. The Chief says the trailer crossed into the northbound lanes. He says there were two pedestrians, a man and a woman, walking south on the east curbside of Cesar Chavez. They were both struck by the trailer and pushed into the side of an aluminum sided warehouse. They were both transported to El Centro Regional Medical Center, where the man was being treated for his injuries. The Chief says unfortunately, the woman died from her injuries. Gomez said no names are being released at this time. He said the investigation was ongoing.