(Two Turn themselves in)...It happened in the mountains in East San Diego County.

Border Patrol agents received a call of two suspicious near Marron Valley Road in Dulzura. Agents arrived at the scene and found the men. The men promptly turned themselves in to the agents. They said they had crossed into the United States illegally and became lost, walking through harsh terrain for several days. They asked the agents for water. The agents provided them with water, and after confirming they had entered the US illegally, placed them under arrest. They were transported to a nearby Border Patrol Station for processing. During a records check it was determined one of the men, a 45 year old Mexican national had been convicted of second degree murder in 2003. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was later deported to his country of origin. The man was taken into federal custody, charged with illegal entry after previously being deported.