(IVC to become a Food Distribution Center)…A Campus Food Pantry will open this Fall.

The Pantry will be in Building 600 on the Imperial Valley College Campus. The Pantry, in conjunction with the Imperial Valley Food Bank, will house a federal food assistance program in the former mailroom, next to the faculty lounge. IVC Student Equity Coordinator Bianca Bisi said they decoded to take a hybrid approach, short term, and long-term solutions for homeless and food insecure students. Bisi said they know if students are hungry, they are least likely to be successful and attendance will be harder. They decided to utilize Cal Fresh outreach Resources. She said legislation recently changed and, instead of having to work a minimum of 20 hours to qualify, they instead could be enrolled in community college. She said now they have access to a Cal Fresh eligibility screener who would be able to screen students and assist them with what they need. The Pantry will provide boxes of food or prepared meals to be consumed on Campus. Shower kits are already provided to students. Donations are still needed and can be made through the IVC Foundation.