(Plans to rehab Border Fence)….A presentation was made to the Board of Supervisors.

Border Patrol Agent David Kim gave the presentation, at the request of District one Supervisor John Renison. Kim said the rehabilitation was going to be West of the Downtown Calexico Port of Entry. Kim said it was not part of the proposed Trump Wall. He said the section of the fence near the New River and close to the Gran Plaza was a wall. It is called a Freedom Wall. Kim said the problem with the wall is that illegal border crossers are jumping the wall, and those who are not injured, run for the New River, knowing agents will not pursue them into the polluted water. The agent said plans are to rehab the fence, making it transparent to allow agents to see what is on the other side. The Local Sector has requested Border Patrol Headquarters to design the new section of fence. Kim said construction is not expected to begin until some time in 2018.