The Imperial County Board of Supervisors will discus issues related to the Adult Use of Marijuana Act ( AUMA ) at Tuesday's meeting.

The issue was continued from the May 16, 2017 board meeting so that all members of the board would have an opportunity to participate in a more detailed discussion of all the issues that need to be addressed before the board adopts an ordinance to regulate or prohibit the commercial sale , cultivation , testing and processing of marijuana in the unincorporated communities in Imperial County.

Earlier this year the board conducted a of series of public workshops on the AUMA. The Adult Use of Marijuana Act  , Proposition 64 , was approved by California voters in November of last year. The law legalizes the personal possession , use and cultivation of marijuana for non-medical purposes by adults 21 and older. The act also created a state regulatory framework for commercial activity surrounding the cultivation , manufacturing , testing and distribution of marijuana. It also allows local governments to regulate or prohibit the same.