El Centro Police officers made a traffic stop on a car Tuesday night and found a sawed-off shotgun.

According to Commander Robert Sawyer , the traffic stop was made at 9:15 p.m. Tuesday at 17th Street and Villa Avenue after it was noticed that the car did not have a front license plate. The officer spoke with the 4 occupants of the vehicle and determined that the driver , Hector Longoria , 24 , of El Centro , did not have a valid driver's license. Longoria also had three outstanding warrants for his arrest. Longoria was arrested and officers conducted an inventory of the car while preparing to have it impounded. A shotgun was found in the trunk of the vehicle. The shotgun had been modified to have a shortened , or sawed-off , barrel. A passenger in the car , 20-year old Brandon Young of Heber , was arrested and charged with possession of the shotgun. Both Longoria and Young were booked into Imperial County Jail and the other two passengers were released from custody.