(Narcotics found in a fake battery)…It was a sizable amount of narcotics.

The seizure occurred Wednesday at the Immigration Checkpoint on Interstate 8 near Campo. As a grey Nissan approached the inspection area, a k-9 alerted to the vehicle. The Border Patrol agent referred the driver and the vehicle to the secondary inspection area. During the inspection agents found 7 packages hidden in a false battery. Four of the packages contained over 7 pounds of black tar heroin, valued at over $79,000. The other 3 packages contained almost 7 pounds of powder and pill forms of fentynal, valued at just under $79,000. The 41 year old male driver and 26 year old female passenger were both placed under arrest. Both are US Citizens. The woman’s child was in the vehicle, and was turned over to family members. The narcotics and the suspects were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration for further investigation. The vehicle was seized by the Border Patrol