El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents found a 4-year old girl that had been abandoned by smugglers near Mt Signal in Imperial County.

At about 6:20 A.M. Sunday , Border Patrol agents observed individuals illegally crossing the international border into the U.S. near Mt. Signal. When agents went to the area they saw one subject running back into Mexico. Agents also saw a small child standing alone in the same area on the U.S. side of the border.

Agents determined the child , a 4-year old girl , was in good health and not in need of medical attention. Agents found a birth certificate and information about the girl's parents location. The child was taken to the El Centro Border Patrol station and provided with food. After talking with the child and examining the documents that were found with the child it was determined that she was a citizen of Guatemala.

Assistant Chief Patrol Agent David S. Kim said , " Who in their right mind abandons a 4-year old little girls in the middle of a vast desert? It sickens me to think that someone would leave a child that young to fend for herself."

The child was turned over to Health and Human Services to await her immigration status disposition.