(IID Board of Directors Special Meeting)…It has been scheduled for Monday.

The meeting will be teleconferenced in Fresno to allow Division 3 Director James Hanks to participate. The meeting is to adopt a resolution proclaiming a local emergency associated with the July 23rd storm activity. The Imperial Irrigation District says the storm produced exceptionally high winds that caused extreme peril to the safety of persons and property in the District’s service area in Riverside County. The storm reportedly damaged some of the District’s energy infrastructure and other property, including various transmission towers and lines and distribution poles and lines, resulting i9n the initial loss of power to approximately 4,500 district ratepayers located in Riverside County. The resolution will help ensure the district’s eligibility for reimbursement funding from the California Office of Emergency Services. The Special Meeting will be held in Condit Auditorium o9n Broadway in El Centro, beginning at 4:30 Monday afternoon.