(4 Alarm fire contained)….County Fire Department Deputy Chief Salvador Flores says containment was reached at around 8:00 Monday night.

The River Bottom fire along the New River, near Heber was first reported at around 3:00 Monday afternoon. County Fire and the Office of Emergency Services were the first to respond. As the fire spread, more alarms were sounded, eventually bringing in assistance from most Fire Departments around the County. Chief Flores said the fire was contained at around 45 acres. The Chief said the only damage to private property was three agricultural fields. He said the bridge at Kubler and Clark Roads is being inspected, but no damage is anticipated. Chief Flores said there was a loss of power at Kubler and Cole Roads. Residents in that area were evacuated for precautionary reasons, mainly because of the loss of electrical power. The Chief said crews will remain on scene monitoring the burned brush for the next few days to ensure the blaze does not flare-up. No injuries were reported. Officials thanked the Red Cross for being on scene to help hydrate the firefighters in the extreme heat.