(Tis the season)….Graduation season.

It started earlier this month at San Diego State University/Imperial Valley Campus. The next Graduation Ceremony will be for Vincent Memorial Catholic High School, Friday at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Calexico. On Monday, June 3rd, Desert Oasis High School will graduate at the Jimmie Cannon Theater. Central Union High School Graduation will be Tuesday, June 4th at Cal Jones Field and Southwest High School will Graduate their seniors at Freeway Stadium. Also on June 4th Imperial Pathways Charter School and ICOE Valley Academy will hold their Graduation Ceremonies at Valley Academy on Ross in El Centro. The Desert Valley High School Graduation will be June 5th at Warne Field. On June 6th ceremonies will be held for Brawley Union High School, Holtville High and ICOE Special Education IVC Program. San Pasqual Bill Manes, Imperial High School and San Pasqual High School hold their Graduation Ceremonies on June 7th. Imperial Valley College Graduation Ceremonies will be on June 8th. Calipatria, Aurora and Calexico High Schools all hold their graduation ceremonies on June 12th.