(Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia says he stands with the IID)…But does he really.

Imperial Irrigation District Board President Erik Ortega said he spoke with Garcia Friday. The Assemblyman Represents Coachella Valley and all of Imperial County. Ortega said in his conversation with Garcia, the Assemblyman told him he backed the IID and opposed Assembly Bill 854. But in the same conversation, Garcia said he supported electing two Riverside residents to the IID Board of Directors. The Bill calls for six Riverside County residents to be elected to the IID Board, giving them a majority vote on all issues pertaining to the Imperial Irrigation District. The District sees that as a threat to the historical water rights. Garcia has said his suggestion would be for the Riverside County representatives to be able to vote only on power issues, and not water. Others have said it may be illegal to keep a member of a Board from voting on certain issues. Garcia has said the Bill, authored by Assemblyman Chad Mayes of Riverside County, was poorly written. He said it probably should be re-written. The IID says the bill should be rejected altogether, and not submitted again.