The Mayor of the City of Yuma has issued a Proclamation of Emergency.

Mayor Douglas J, Nicholls stated an emergency exists due to the mass release of migrant families into the City of Yuma community. The Mayor declared a humanitarian crisis exists because the city is overwhelmed and the numbers of migrants seeking relief has been increasing to the point that the City can no longer handle the crush. According to Yuma City Administrator Greg Wilkinson , the people being released are parents with children. Single male or females are not being released. Wilkinson added , " we already know the obvious that this is not our ( City ) problem. U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement are overwhelmed and no longer have the ability to handle this." according to the Emergency Declaration , the lack of food , water , shelter , and medical care threatens to cause injury , damage , and suffering to persons in the City of Yuma , as well as causing a humanitarian crisis. The City hopes to bring this crisis to a head and get federal resources to take care of the issue.