(IID Board comments on DCP action)...The Drought Contingency Plan was approved Monday by the House and the Senate.

The Imperial Irrigation District is not included in the DCP, but language they lobbied for was. The Plan adopted states imlementration of the DCP will not be exempt from federal environmental laws. A contingent from the IID was in Washington D.C. for discussions on the Plan. The District wanted specific language supporting the sustainability of the Salton Sea. That did not happen. The IID says without that language, they cannot support the Drought Contingency Plan. In a statement released by the IID Board President, Director Erik Ortega said the vote Monday made the Salton Sea the first casualty of the DCP. Director James Hanks said Tuesday there may be a positive result. Hanks said there is a possiblity for Congress to conduct a special hearing to discuss Salton Sea issues, and that could result in the release of federal funds needed to help restore a smaller, but more vibrant Salton Sea.