(County Board of Supervisors get an earful)….It was during Public Comments at the Tuesday meeting.

Margaret Sauza and others went before the Board to say there was a serious lack of investigation and prosecution of sexual assaults in Imperial County. Sauza said the District Attorney will not listen to her complaints or explain the lack of action from his department. Sauza said she has been invited to leave the D.A.’s office on more than one occasion. Also speaking during the Public Comment period were deputy District Attorney’s, who participated in a recent sick-out. They said negotiations between the County and the Deputy District Attorneys Association have been on-going for 18 months, with no movement. They said the County does not negotiate, they presented an offer as a take or leave it offer. They said increased salaries were needed to attract new attorneys to the department. They said there were currently 15 Deputy District Attorney’s doing the work of 21.