A 34-year old man was arrested after patrons of a Brawley laundromat were threatened.

The incident started at about 6:30 p.m. New Year's Day when Brawley Police received a report of a man wielding a knife in a threatening manner in the laundromat in the 600 block of South Brawley Avenue. Responding officers found the man , later identified as Joseph Grayson , inside the business yelling threats against other customers. Officers attempted to talk Grayson into dropping the knife but instead he made threatening advances towards officers. Officers then used a less-than-lethal bean bag gun. Grayson dropped the knife and , after a brief struggle with officers , was taken into custody. Grayson was arrested and booked into Imperial County Jail on charges of making criminal threats , brandishing a weapon in a threatening manner , and knowi8ngly resisting a police officer by use of force or violence.