U.S. Border Patrol agents recovered the body of a suspected illegal immigrant who drowned trying to swim across the All American canal.

On Wednesday evening ,  Border Patrol agents observed three individuals illegally enter the U.S. about two miles west of Calexico. Two men were immediately apprehended after swimming across the All American Canal while a third man was seen struggling to stay afloat in the turbulent waters. Agents were unable to reach the man before he drowned. Agents from the Border Patrol Search , Trauma and Rescue ( BORSTAR ) unit attempted to retrieve the man's body that evening but had to call off the operation because of heavy rain and low visibility. BORSTAR agents returned to the scene Thursday morning and recovered the victim's body about 150 yards downstream from where he had entered the canal. The Man's identity or nationality have not been determined but , the two individuals he was travelling with are nationals of El Salvador. The Imperial County Coroner's Office is continuing the investigation.