(There is a plan to stop sewage spills from Mexicali from entering the U.S.)…Several thousand gallons of sewage have been spilled into the New River.

It happens every time there is  a sewage infrastructure problem at the treatment plant in Mexicali. There have been three reported spills in the past year. Officials say the spills are a danger to the Imperial County Eco-System and to the health of Imperial County residents. Officials from the Southern California section of the state water board recently met with state and federal environmental officials, as well as officials from Mexico. It was agreed at that meeting that it would take about $80 million to repair the sewage treatment plant in Mexicali, but there was a temporary solution. There is equipment that can be purchased that would create a by-pass dumping the sewage into the New River, keeping it in Mexico. It would cost about $700,000. The Board of Supervisors agreed to a resolution urging a bi-national effort to purchase that bi-pass equipment.