(More Arrests under Operation Blazing Sands)…They were made late last week.

Operation Blazing Sands is a joint operation between the El Centro and Yuma Border Patrol Sectors. In the latest incident, agents observed a group of six individuals illegally enter the US, before loading into a red Pontiac SUV on Interstate 8, west of Yuma. Agents observed the Pontiac drive west on the Interstate, while air assets from Air and Marine Operations kept a visual of the vehicle. The agents followed the SUV into a motel parking lot in El Centro and witnessed the driver exit the vehicle and enter a room, while the other occupants remained in the vehicle. Agents approached the vehicle and identified themselves. They determined the six passengers were Mexican Citizens without proper documents to enter or remain in the United States. One of the passengers admitted to guiding the group across the border and into the vehicle. The front seat passenger was a 31-year-old US citizen. The 31 year old and the 25-year-old driver, who had entered the room, were placed under arrest. The five smuggled individuals, all women, including one juvenile, were processed pending the disposition of the smuggling case.