(MOU approved)….The County Board of Supervisors approved the Memorandum of Understanding, but it was not unanimous.

Supervisors Luis Plancarte voted against the MOU. The Memorandum is with Riverside County and concerns Unified Support on the Salton Sea. Supervisors Mike Kelley also had questions surrounding the MOU. He said the IID should be included, among others, and he wanted assurances Imperial County would be protected and benefited by the MOU. He was told the Memorandum was a Non-Binding, living document that could be added to as time goes on. Supervisor Ryan Kelley assured him the current proposal was only to ensure the two counties would work together on Salton Sea issues. Kelley decided to support the MOU, but Plancarte wanted to delay the vote to have more time to consider the details. It was approved on a 4-1 vote. The Riverside County Board of Supervisors were scheduled to vote on the MOU Tuesday.