(Border Patrol agents arrest a previously deported felon)…Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents made the arrest.

The agents were assigned to patrol the Colorado River when they made contact with the individual. They say the man was trying to disguise himself as part of a labor crew working near County 15 ¼ Street and the Salinity canal. During the initial contact, the man became hostile and pulled out a knife. The Border Patrol agent pulled out his duty weapon and gave a verbal command to drop the knife. The suspect threw done the knife, and fled towards Mexico. After a short pursuit, the subject was apprehended. Following the footprints, agents determined the man had entered the US earlier in the day from Mexico. During the processing of the individual it was determined he was a previously deported Mexican National after being sentenced to 3 and a half years for two counts of vehicle theft. The man was arrested and is awaiting prosecution for re-entry after deportation