(Methamphetamine seized in El Centro)…It was reported Wednesday afternoon.

At 3:26 in the afternoon officers conducted a traffic stop on a Nissan Altima after the driver failed to use his turn signal prior to making a turn. The officer approached the vehicle and asked to see a driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance. As the officer made the request, he noticed the driver and a passenger appeared nervous and displayed abnormal behavior. El Centro’s certified narcotics detecting canine, K-9 Max, was called in. The canine alerted to the vehicle. Officers searched the vehicle and discovered approximately four pounds of methamphetamine inside a shopping bag on the passenger side floorboard. The driver of the vehicle was identified as 27-year-old Jose Luis Martinez-Rivera. The passenger was identified as 30-year-old Nicolas Monnars Sanchez-Rivera. Both are residents of Mexicali. Both were arrested and booked into County Jail. They face felony charges for possession of methamphetamine for sale and transportation of methamphetamine with the intent to distribute.