The U. S. Navy's Blue Angels returned to NAF El Centro Wednesday.

The FA-18 jets touched down shortly before 2:00 PM at their winter home in the Imperial Valley. This years Flight Demonstration Squadron is led by CDR Eric Doyle , USN. #2 , Right Wing , is Lt Damon Kroes , USN. Major Jeff Mullins , USMC , is the #3 or Left Wing. LDCR Nate Scott , USN , flies the #4 plane in the slot. Lead Solo or #5 is flown by Lt Tyler Davies , USN. Lt Brandon Hempler , USN is the #6 aircraft , the Opposing Sole and the #7 plane is piloted by the Narrator , Lt Andre Webb , USN. 

The Blue Angels began their training early Thursday with the opening appearance of 2018 at the NAF El Centro Air Show on March 10, 2018.