(The accusations were made in an open letter).... The letter is directed at Luis Olmedo. Executive Director of the Comite Civico del Valle, Inc

The letter was published in the Desert Review. It was written by District 4 County Supervisor Ryan Kelley. He says it has come to his attention that the electric vehicle charging stations in Calexico and Calipatria are non-compliant with state regulations and county ordinances. The letter lists several violations and says the Comite did not get approval from a Sealer of Weights and Measures or a registered Service Agency. He says the EV Stations cannot operate without the approval going through weights and measures. Kelley suggests the Comite contact the Weights and Measures Division of the County Ag Commissioners Office. The letter asks that the Comite make public the price of the power being purchased from the IID, how much they are charging at the ev stations and where do the proceeds from go and to whom. A copy of the letter has been sent to the Governor of California and several other concerned dignitaries.