(Mother's Day weekend is coming up).....Because of the close interaction with Mexico, their Mother's Day is celebrated along with the US Mother's Day.

They are on different days. Modern Mother's Day was first made official in the United States. It is the result of Anna Jarvis celebrating the memory of her Mother, who passed away on May 9, 1905. The celebration caught on and on May 10, 1913, the US House of Representatives adopted a resolution calling on all government officials, from the President on down, to recognize Mother's Day. On May 8, 1914, the U.S. Congress passed a law designating the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day. Mexico thought that was a good idea. Since the original resolution was on May 10, Mexico decided Mother's Day would be celebrated on May 10. So, this Friday is Mexican Mother's Day, and Sunday May 12 it is Mother's Day in the US. Locally, both days are celebrated by many.