(The District Attorney announces the implementation of the PPI Program)...On August 1st, District Attorney George Marquez initiated a pilot program with Brawley Police Chief Jimmy Duran.

It was to assign a prosecutor to the Brawley Police Station. The Prosecutor/Police Immersion Program is designed primarily to increase the efficiency of criminal investigations and streamline case filings through the D.A.'s Office more expediently. The assigned Deputy District Attorney provides officers with real-time legal expertise, witness interviews, search warrants and can readily assist law enforcement officers at crime scenes. The assigned prosecutor also has the discretion to manage the case vertically and can connect victims with support services at the first point of contact. Chief Duran says the program is making a difference. The first prosecutor assigned to the program; Ana Sebastian says it adds an additional perspective beyond the reports. The D.A.'s office says they are committed to working with other law enforcement agencies to find better ways of prosecuting criminal defendants.