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Governor issues Executive Order

(Score one for the Farmers)…The Governor issues an Executive order giving Farms priorities.

The Executive Order issued by Governor Brown is to streamline approvals for Water Transfers to protect California Farms. The Governor said with record low precipitation in the state, the Executive Order was issued to assist California’s Agricultural Industry. He said Agriculture is vital to the health of California’s economy, and his order ensures the state is doing what is necessary to cope with a very dry year. The Executive Order directs the State Water Resources Control Board and the Department of Water Resources to expedite the review and processing of voluntary transfers of water and water rights consistent with current law. Under the order, DWR will coordinate State Water Project operations to alleviate critical impacts to San Joaquin Valley Agriculture. The Governor says the SWRCB and the DWR share responsibilities for the transfer of water in California. The order does not say how it affects the Imperial Valley.