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No City Council election in Calipatria

(Calipatria voters will not be voting on city issues in November)…..Three cities were to vote on City Council seats November 5th.

Calipatria City Clerk Cathy Hoff says they did not receive more candidates than seats on the ballot. There are three City Council seats ending there terms, and only 3 candidates filed. The candidates are Fred Beltran, Raul Navarro and Heather Beltran. Hoff said Heather is Fred’s daughter in law. Patricia Nelson was the only candidate filing for City Treasurer. Hoff said all the candidates would automatically be seated during the first City Council meeting in December. There will be County issues on the November ballot Calipatria voters will vote on. The Cities of Brawley and El Centro will have City Council elections in November. In Brawley, Miguel Miranda, Sam Couchman and Helen Noriega are running for two City Council seats. In El Centro, Alex Cardenas, Tomas Oliva and Cheryl Viegas-Walkers are also competing for two seats on the City Council.