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Perez Salton Sea Bill advances

(AB 177 amended)….The bill advances, as amended.

The Salton Sea Energy Bill is authored by Assemblyman Manuel Perez. The bill was heard Monday by the Assembly Committee on Utilities and Commerce, where it was amended and then approved on an 8-4 vote. Thursday the bill was heard by the Assembly Natural Resources Committee. There, it was amended, again, before being approved on a vote of 5-1. Perez says the bill has taken a few twists and turns on its path this week, but its focus on elevating Salton Sea renewable resources has never deviated. Specifically, the bill requires the California Energy Commission in preparing its biennial Integrated Energy Policy Report, to convene a stakeholder group to advise the CEC on developing and transmitting renewable energy projects located in the Salton Sea resource area and to include these findings in the development of the I E P R. During the Thursday hearing, Perez raised the issue of Salton Sea mitigation mandated under the Quantification Settlement Agreement and how renewable energy may be a source of financing to help the state fulfill its commitments. The bill now heads to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.