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IID warns against another scam

(IID warns of another scam)….Recently the Imperial Irrigation District warned against a phone scam.

This time the scammers are working customer’s e-mail. In both cases the scammers identify themselves as the electric company. And they threaten disconnection, demanding credit card numbers. Again, the District says this is not how they operate. Disconnection notices are never sent via e-mail. Robert Fugett, general superintendent of customer service administration for the IID, says customers are encouraged to practice safe computing practices and carefully read all e-mail correspondence while avoiding links in the document that may lead to unwanted malware or computer viruses. Once again Fuggett says disconnect notices from the District are sent through the regular mail, door hangers or through the automated courtesy alert phone system. He says if you are contact by phone or e-mail by someone you suspect may not be legitimate, contact the District at 1-800-303-7756 to ensure the communication is valid.