Woof-Worthy Dog Words PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bruce Littlefield   
Sunday, 03 July 2011 01:15

San Diego, California (NAPSI) - The average dog knows 167 words but there are 10 that woof loudest.

10. “No” seems to be the second word every dog learns. The first is his name.

9. “Walk” becomes a crucial part of every dog’s day and something dogs look forward to.

8. “Business” (as in “do your business”) is a daily phrase.

7. “Wait” or “Stay.” Dogs spend a large chunk of their day waiting.

6. “Down” or “Lie Down.” Often a toughie to learn, this is a word that every good dog knows.

5. “Squirrel” or “Cat” seems to be universal for something to taunt, chase or bark at.

4. “Toy”—Many dogs know the difference in a ball, a Frisbee and their Squeaky.

3. “Come.” This is a word that could save your dog’s life.

2. “Sit” is the basic standard of all dog tricks.

1. “Treat!” The most beloved dog word is certain to make any dog droolingly happy.

Bruce Littlefield is the best-selling author of “The Bedtime Book for Dogs” (Grand Central Publishing), his first book written to be read to dogs. For more information, visit www.brucelittlefield.com.