(Community Benefit Program..Round 2)….It was approved this week.

The County Board of Supervisors had placed a moratorium on the program, to allow an Ad-Hoc committee and the Advisory Committee to re-vamp the program. The moratorium was lifted and this week the Supervisors agreed it was time to begin Round two. The Community Benefit Program account is $1,406. The Advisory Committee suggested $1 million be used to fund this round of grants and or loans. The program has 16 applications requesting funding that were submitted before the moratorium. The applications will remain under consideration. In addition, new letters of Interest will be accepted until March 16, 2018. The letters and the applications will all be evaluated following the deadline and awards will be announced soon after. The County says this will probably be the only round of the Community benefit Program this year. They do, however, expect more funds for the program in 2019.