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Soccer Goal Scores On Player Safety

Calexico, California (NAPSI) - There’s good news for soccer players and their parents. A new type of goal is designed to make practice and competitive play  safer.

While soccer is often described as a “noncontact sport,” it is  not without its dangers. Research shows that there have been 38 soccer goal−related  deaths in recent years, the majority of which resulted from injuries that  involved traumatic contact with goalposts. In addition, the Consumer Product  Safety Commission (CPSC) also estimates 120 injuries involving falling goals  are treated each year in U.S.  hospital emergency rooms.

Fortunately, a sports equipment and training company known for its  dedication to helping athletes get to the next level and beyond, Goalrilla, has offered an alternative. It’s introduced an innovative line of  air-pressurized, durable and transportable soccer goals.

Called GAMEMAKER, it’s described as the safest goal available in North America, offering the authentic playability of a  traditional soccer goal. Players or coaches can pump up a sturdy goal to its  full size within just 90 seconds, allowing them to take their game or  practice anywhere.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of our GAMEMAKER line of  air-pressurized soccer goals,” said David Vogrin, director of  marketing, Goalrilla. “We believe it will reduce goalpost-related  injuries while giving players and coaches the ability to take their game  anywhere.”

The goals come with a proprietary two-way pump to easily pressurize and  deflate. They are available in multiple sizes, and will be offered at soccer  specialty retailers, online at  and at other quality sporting goods stores.