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CBP officers find drugs hidden in unique places

(Smugglers use a lot of imagination)….Customs and Border Patrol officers find narcotics hidden in some strange places.

Recently officer inspected a suspicious vehicle at the Downtown Calexico Port of Entry. The driver of the vehicle told the CBP officers he was returning from a family visit to Mexicali. He said he was taking a battery to his home in Calexico. Officers say 26-year-old Roberto Alvizar Gomez appeared nervous, so they decided to conduct a search of the vehicle. Officers discovered the battery under the hood of the Toyota Tercel seemed too big for the vehicle. A detector dog alerted to the battery. A more detailed look revealed the battery was fake. Inside they found 13 pounds of methamphetamine. The functioning battery was found in the dashboard. It was stuffed with 3 more pounds of meth. The suspect told investigators he was aware of the narcotics. He said he was smuggling the drugs to pay off a debt. He said a previous attempt to smuggle marijuana failed and the marijuana was seized. Alvizar Gomez was arrested and booked into County Jail.