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Councilman says something has to be done about Luis Castro

(Calexico City Councilman wants action)….Councilman John Moreno is using the Social Media demanding something be done about a fellow Council member.

The open post on Face Book is supported by Council Person Maritza Hurtado. The pair are upset with Councilman Luis Castro and his actions at a rowdy Council meeting this week. Moreno is calling on the City Mayor Bill Hodge to demand an immediate apology from Castro for using an obscene racial slur towards a local resident at the conclusion of the meeting. Moreno says Castro should be censured at all future meetings. He should be suspended from his position and he should attend sensitivity training. Moreno says if none of that happens, then Castro should be asked to resign his elected position before the next City Council meeting, for conduct unbecoming an elected official. Moreno said Castro’s actions cannot go unpunished. Neither Castro or the Mayor have been available for comment.