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Union members voting on latest offer

(Today is the vote on the new offer)…..Striking Gold Cross Ambulance employees are taking the vote.

The latest offer was presented to the union this week. Teamsters Local 542 official Ruth Duarte says the offer was discussed Thursday. She said it is the union’s opinion that it is not a good offer. She said it makes full time employees part time, offers no guaranteed hours and it changes benefits to include increased out of pocket employee expenses. She said the union is recommending against the offer. Duarte said the pickets shut down over night because of the storm, but they set up again Friday, and are determined to stay out as long as it takes to get a contract they can accept. The strike began July 28th. In other strike related news, management has filed to decertify the union. Duarte says the union sees that as a move to buy more time.